acoustic and electric guitar


I offer guitar lessons in acoustic guitar and electric guitar for beginners as well as advanced players of all ages in Cologne Riehl and Cologne Südstadt.

The lessons can range from getting to know the instrument for the first time to song accompaniment to teaching harmony, improvisation, rhythm and ear training. From classical guitar literature to blues and jazz to rock/pop music.


  • Song accompaniment
  • Reading sheet music
  • Reading tablature
  • Harmony
  • Ear training
  • Improvisation and intuitive playing
  • Rhythm
  • Composition
  • Repertoire
  • Advice on guitar effects


  • Posture with the instrument
    for an individual, optimal posture free of pain
  • Ease in making music
    for the knowledge and experience of how little force is necessary to make music
  • Intelligent practice
    for conscious learning of motor skills free from mere repetition
  • Ergonomic aids
    so that the instrument can be adapted to the needs of the musician


For me, there is no universal method or guitar school that one must go through and complete in order to be able to express oneself musically with the help of the guitar.

I see my task as a guitar teacher in supporting each student individually to gain the possibility to get to know and use music as a means of personal expression independently and creatively. In doing so, I focus on the wishes and goals of the student in order to recognize and develop individual abilities through the joy of playing the guitar.

Learning guitar to make music should not be a hard work, no appointment in the week to which one must go, because it was agreed upon. It is important to me that my students have fun expressing themselves musically. Picking up the guitar to make music. Maybe even find themselves composing their own melodies and pieces or rewriting existing compositions. In doing so, I observe the level of development of the respective abilities as well as the motor skills and try to set the right impulses for support and not to demand anything that is not already laid out.

Through the experience I have gained in relearning my motor skills and studying dispokinesis, I know that both the handling of the guitar and its playing challenges can be quite simple if one knows the right way to elicit the optimal motor movement idea.


The creation of transcriptions is an offer, which should serve to offer the student the possibility in the music and song choice to be able to decide more freely, without having to depend on which songs there are notes or tablatures.

The transcriptions of songs of all kinds can be handwritten or digital.

Trial lesson

I offer a free trial lesson (approx. 30min) to get to know each other personally, in which we discuss, among other things, what you would like to play. Making music always includes an intrinsic motivation, which usually goes hand in hand with musical preferences. That’s why it’s important for me to find out what music you like to listen to, what you’re particularly interested in, and what you might already be able to play.

Based on this, I will give you a rough idea of how the lessons can be structured. Here, too, it is important to me to orient myself to your interests in the structuring, so that you always have a say in what we work on and play together in class.


30 Minutes

(per month)

45 Minutes

(per month)

Ticket of 10
30 Minutes

(per month)