About me

I am a musician and instrumental teacher and studied jazz guitar at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne with Frank Haunschild and others. From this time I can look back on a long series of workshops, clinics and masterclasses with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Gilad Hekselman, Ben Wendel, Ari Hoenig, Pierre Laurent-Aimard, Mark Turner, Allan Holdsworth…

Since the beginning of my studies I have been working as a guitar teacher and was able to gain a lot of experience at music schools in and around Cologne. Thus, in the course of time, against the background of my personal experiences, new and refined mediation concepts for guitar lessons have emerged with my students.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with focal dystonia, a neurological nerve disease that made it impossible for me to play the guitar. From then on, I took lessons with Joachim Schiefer in Dispokinesis and gradually relearned the guitar-specific movement sequences as well as the use of my own motor skills. In parallel, I completed the post-academic training course “Dispokinesis” at the Society for Dispokinesis according to G.O. van de Klashorst e.V. from 2016-2019.

I support and offer help to professional musicians who are impaired or even prevented from moving freely on their instruments due to various symptomatology, in order to be able to enjoy their profession again and meet the complex demands of movement. I am a member of the Society for Dispokinesis according to G.O. van de Klashorst as well as the German Society for Music Physiology and Musician’s Medicine.

Since the end of 2020 I have managed to fully restore my playing ability on the guitar and I am happy to pass on the knowledge gained from my experience and to be musically active again.